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Parent Visitation

We strongly encourage parents to be active stakeholders in the education of their children. Thus, classroom visits are encouraged. However, classroom visits are considered a privilege and should be non-disruptive to the education process of all. The School Director reserves the right to limit the scope and duration of classroom visits. No visitors are permitted in the building after 2:00 p.m. daily, in preparation for dismissal.


Visitor Identification

To help ensure a safe and secure learning environment for your children, all visitors including parents to Movement School are required to sign-in at the School office, provide proper identification, and wear a visitor’s pass.  Faculty and staff have been instructed to escort anyone not having a pass immediately to the office for identification.



Parents are encouraged to participate in School-related activities, including those pertaining to curriculum and instruction, such as tutoring and storytelling. Volunteers may also be involved in monitoring the playground and assisting with School events. In addition, parents are encouraged to contribute their time and talent to organizing extracurricular activities and community outreach projects.


All volunteers must complete the following:

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application and a Character Questionnaire,
  2. Submit a copy of a government issued ID
  3. Office Manager must complete a background check including checking the US Department of Justice’s Sex Offender Registery.


Once cleared they will be added to the list of approved volunteers.  Volunteers will receive structured training, and must follow all policies and procedures defined by the school.  If activity occurs that is not in keeping with the school policies, the school director reserves the right to relieve the volunteer of his or her responsibilities.




Child Safety

MCS’s overall goal is to ensure your child’s safety.  Please be sure to have an updated Emergency Contact Sheet on file at the school. Please remember if at any time during the school year if this information changes please notify the school.


Student Homework Folders

Homework folders are one of the ways teachers will communicate with parents throughout the school year.  Students in grades K-2 must have a designated folder for homework.  Every Monday students will receive their homework assignments for the week.  All homework assignments will be collected on Friday. These folders should be examined on a daily basis by a parent to ensure that assignments have been completed.  This will also provide information regarding the student’s behavior progress.


Parent Conferences

Formal parent/teacher conferences are scheduled three times a year to facilitate open communication between parents and teachers regarding students’ progress.  Refer to the School calendar for specific dates.  Informal conferences or conversations may also be scheduled with teachers or School leaders at any time throughout the year.


Parent Newsletters

Grade level teams will send out a monthly newsletter at the beginning of every month. This newsletter will highlight upcoming events, curriculum focus and parent tips.


Progress Reports and Report Cards

Progress reports will be sent to parents each quarter to provide specific information about student progress in each subject.  At the end of each semester, parents will receive report cards with cumulative data on their children’s performance and progress. Parents can access their child’s grades anytime through our online grade book called Gradelink.  Login information will be made available to all parents at open house.



Blackboard Connect

Movement School will use Blackboard Connect to communicate school news with parents.  This system uses calls, texts, and emails to contact parents with messages from the school.  It is vital that the school office has parents current phone numbers to receive these messages.  Please contact that school immediately if your number changes.


Movement Website

Movement School’s website will serve as a resource to parents.  The website will display school calendar, breakfast/lunch menus, upcoming events and school news.  Please check the website frequently for the most up-to-date information.



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